Agricultural education needs an update.

Meet OneGrow

Our Mission

To spread, connect, and enhance STEAM education by facilitating hydroponic education initiatives to schools across the world. OneGrow is a 501(c)(3) approved charity and a non-profit organization.


Our Cause

As countries continue to urbanize, weather becomes more extreme, and global populations rise, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is increasingly important. Hydroponics in schools can supplement STEAM education, familiarize students with new technology, and provide food for the surrounding community.

Step One

Plug OneGrow into your school's indoor growing space.

Step Two

Share grow data and learn from
other growers on OneGrow's global
network of schools

Step Three

Integrate OneGrow with your existing agriculture curriculum and extracurricular activities, galvanizing interest in STEM and Ag.

Photo by Oregon State University is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0