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Integrate OneGrow with your STEM and Agriculture curriculum.

"Person using laptop computer beside aloe vera tree on the table" by Corinne Kutz

is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 / Darkened from original

OneGrow is your one-stop shop for a hands-on STEM/Agriculture content for the classroom.

Prepare students for the real world.  

Introduce sustainable farming techniques in a world increasingly dominated by food deserts, desertification, and soil erosion.

Ready students for careers in agriculture, sustainable development, and STEM fields with hands-on technical experience.

Eliminate the distance between students and the food economy, forging avenues for sustainable ideation and vocational interest.

Engage students with meaningful, stimulating experiences.

Involve students in all aspects of the farming process, from planting to grow data analysis to harvesting, and everything in between.

Fight back against the epidemic of learned helplessness. Get students engaged in roles that produce tangible change in the physical environment.

Everyone loves cool technology. Pique your students' interest in the field with OneGrow's custom suite of sensors and software.

Build community.

Support local food banks and restaurants with student-run food donations.

Coordinate extracurricular groups of like-minded students interested in tending to your grow and learning more about agricultural technology.

Connect with other schools across the world with OneGrow's cloud-based data-sharing and networking capabilities.

Photo by Sandy Dylak is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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