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Meet our Newest Team Members!

by James Winstel | December 22, 2020

headshot Sunjuna.jpg

Sunjuna Chalasani - Business Development

Sunjuna is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, majoring in Business Administration at the Ross School of Business as well as a minor in Law, Justice, and Social Change. She has experience working with non-profits in Detroit at both early and senior stages and in private equity. She is passionate about the intersection of business, sustainability, and social impact.

Phoebe Johnson - Business Development

Phoebe is a senior at the University of Michigan studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and International Studies with a minor in Business. She is interested in studying issues surrounding corporate social responsibility and international development.
John Headshot.jpg

John Scrimger – Social Media Manager

John is a rising junior at the University of Michigan, majoring in Sport Management with a minor in Environmental Studies. He has experience in marketing and operations. He is active with the UM Aquaponics club and offers the team his passion for all forms of indoor growing as well as his experience in building and owning a system. After college, John hopes to explore the connection of sports and sustainability and how that connection makes a greater impact across the globe.

Pat Sohn Headshot.jpg

Patrick Sohn - Head of Graphic Design

Patrick is a sophomore majoring in cellular, molecular, and developmental biology on a pre-medicine track. He gained a passion for logo design and graphic arts after creating cover art and logos for local music artists. His coursework at Michigan led him to pursue further work with hydroponic education initiatives.
Headshot Zeljko.jpg

Zeljko Kospic - Website Development

Zeljko is a senior at the University of Michigan pursuing a business degree at the Ross School of Business, alongside a History minor. Has worked in the ESG Rating space, and has a strong passion for social impact and environmental improvements in the corporate world.
Kate Headshot.jpg

Kate Leib – Web Content Intern

Kate is a sophomore at the University of Michigan from Los Angeles, California. She is passionate about working within the intersection of technology of people. She strives to use her knowledge of data analysis, UX design, and consumer psychology to affect social and environmental change. She is an avid beach-goer and loves exploring the outdoors!
Headshot Tish.jpg

Jonathan Tish – Business Development

Jonathan hails from Northville, Michigan, and is a sophomore studying Business Administration with an interest in consulting. On campus, he is a member of a professional fraternity as well as a business mentorship organization, Business Bootcamp. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, photography, and spending time outdoors!
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James Winstel is OneGrow's Co-Director, Director of Marketing & Acquisitions, and Co-Founder. He studies at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

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