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The ONEGROW Mission

Our Mission

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic we realized the importance of 21st century technology to keep us connected, nourished, and safe. Hence, our goal to spread, connect, and enhance STEAM education by supplying resources for schools was born. Local farms, educational institutions, and small businesses struggled to continue amid the dangers of the pandemic. By supplying schools with necessary hydroponics hardware and software to remotely grow produce and learn about technology, science, entrepreneurship, and more, communities hurting the most can be uplifted.   


Our Reason 

As countries continue to urbanize, weather becomes more extreme, and global populations rise, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is increasingly important. Hydroponics in schools can supplement STEAM education, familiarize students with new technology, and provide food for the surrounding community. 

Learn about the power and future of indoor vertical farming

Why Hydroponics?

Why Hydroponics?

Uses 95-99% less water than conventional farming

Uses no pesticides and very little chemical fertilizer

Produces 8x or more crop yield per year compared to conventional farming

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