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Monitor & alter your grow.

"Empty classroom in Serbia" by Basile Morin is licensed under  CC BY-SA 4.0  / Darkened from original

Powered by Grow Computer, the OneGrow platform is designed to give you top-down remote visibility of your school's indoor farm. Our platform gives OneGrowers the following superpowers...


"Smiling Laotian boy" by Basile Morin is licensed under  CC BY-SA 4.0  / Darkened from original

Remote Monitoring and Control

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  • Instantly monitor your grow in real-time, remotely turning on/off sensors on-demand.
  • Utilize identity management to assign different permissions for teachers and students.
  • Take snapshots of your grow using live footage, repositioning cameras remotely.
  • Assign outlets and sensors to different crops during a grow.

Deep Analytics

  • Get hourly, daily, and monthly reports on grow-specific data.
  • Review and assess data to predict harvest, improve crop yields, and to mitigate resource-related issues.
  • Track plant growth remotely. 
  • Track your grow's energy consumption on a circuit-by-circuit basis.
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  • Set up alerts when specified thresholds are exceeded, with notifications via SMS text, email, or app notification.
  • Digitally create programs to control and augment physical space, controlling light levels, temperature, and other variables.
  • Impose school-wide rules for for full automation.
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API and Scalability

  • OneGrow provides growers with an open API and SDK (software development kit), so you can customize your platform to connect it to new components and data sources.
  • Build and share apps powered by OneGrow technology with other schools and institutions.
  • As an IoT (Internet of Things) product, OneGrow connects to dozens more sensor components than in the default package, many available online.

Recipe Creation

  • Easily create and upload Recipes documenting ideal growing conditions.
  • Share your Recipes and collaborate on them with other schools using OneGrow's cloud-based network of institutions.

"International Students Welcome Day" by Università of Pavia is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Darkened from original

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